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Know Business is an Atlassian Solution and Authorised Training Partner based in Canberra, Australia.

We originally started out as a Program and Project Management consulting business, focusing mostly on Agile and Scaled Agile (SAFe) programs delivering digital transformation. 

In 2018 we expanded our services to provide Atlassian implement, enhance, train and support client solutions on Atlassian products.
Our focus is on helping your team deliver. Whether your focus is on building capabilities, compliance, service delivery or anything else, our focus is on helping your teams collaborate, track and plan their activities

Cloud Or On-Premise?

Unsure of your direction regarding Atlassian Cloud or On-Premise?


Atlassian is putting a lot of new features into Atlassian’s Cloud products, for example Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Confluence, with the ability for supporting teams from one person up to ten thousand.


Atlassian Cloud is a great solution for many organisations, however some people, for regulatory compliance reasons, will want an On-Premise solution. Atlassian provide two On-Premise solutions: Server and Data Center platforms.


Currently, Server support will end in February 2024. The other On-Premise solution, Data Center, will exist for a long time, and is a robust platform that will meet On-Premise requirements.


 Know Business can help your organisation with either of those two solutions. Here’s a few resources to help you decide: Top 5 reasons to move to the cloud, and Case Studies on migrating to Data Center.


 Know Business can help you consolidate your Atlassian Server instances to Cloud or Data Center.

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You can see a list of our services, which apply to not only Atlassian products, but all the partner products you see in our partner pages.

Agile, SDLC, Program Management, ITIL/Service Desk Support / Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Toolset, Bitbucket, Atlassian Dev Ops. Solutions include PPM, Compliance and Risk Management, HR, CRM and general business process support.
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Know Business works with teams to deliver. That team could be small, from seven people to a large program of three hundred people. 
We also work with teams across organisations.
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