Know Business is an authorised Atlassian Training Partner. We provide Atlassian-developed courses, with access to the Atlassian Lab for duration of the course. Training can be provided on-site, at our facilities or virtually (online class). We have publicly available courses and private team training (up to ten people).
Whether you have experienced users who are stepping up in their administrative role or you have new users in your team, Know Business accredited Atlassian trainers will deliver standard Atlassian courses or we can create a tailored course to meet your needs. Training is an essential part of improving your team’s ability to deliver more.
We can also provide training in all our partner products including EasyAgile Programs, LinchPin, Insight and RMsis.
Below is a guide to the kind of training courses we offer, although we provide other courses upon request.
Select the course name for more information and to see our training dates.
Course name
Public (Virtual)
Virtual (Team)
* All prices are inclusive of GST.
Agile, SDLC, Program Management, ITIL/Service Desk Support / Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Toolset, Bitbucket, Atlassian Dev Ops. Solutions include PPM, Compliance and Risk Management, HR, CRM and general business process support.
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Know Business works with teams to deliver. That team could be small, from seven people to a large program of three hundred people. 
We also work with teams across organisations.
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